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Looking to deposit your earned Jintachi? Either access your wallet or create a new Jintachi wallet for free. There is no charge for a Jintachi wallet, it takes less than 20 seconds to obtain and you can be sending and receiving funds in seconds.
Jintachi - the future of crypto gaming, create a wallet now and get started
Start by playing poker, playing the crypto lottery or simply making use of the market exchange.
Jintachi Price
Current Jintachi Price
1.00 USD
Buy/Sell/Trade Jintachi for Monero and Bitcoin
A large array of options to spend your tokens
You can use your jintachi tokens to start gaming in your browser, no download required.
Jintachi Lottery
Spend Jintachi on the Lottery
Jintachi Lottery
Texas Hold'em Poker for Crypto
Jintachi Lottery
Interested in Bingo?
Jintachi Lottery
Have you tried Sicbo?
Jintachi Lottery
Instant wins with fruit machines
Jintachi Lottery
Play the instant crypto lottery
Jintachi is launching all gaming features in July
You can start trading funds privately now, and in July we will start rolling out our exclusive exchange.
What is the Jintachi Exchange?
The Jintachi Exchange is launching in 2019 and will bring with it the ability to exchange Jintachi tokens for Bitcoin, Monero and other to be decided pairings. The exchange will stop any any token being sold for less than $1.00 USD fiat and will act as a trading ground for people looking to sell or buy Jintachi for another cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin.

The exchange is still in development and being tested by select memebers, the nature of the exchange is that it is centralized and all fees for running the exchange falls solely on Jintachi.
Jintachi is launching all gaming features in July
You can start trading funds privately now, and in July we will start rolling out our exclusive exchange.
When does Jintachi fully rollout?
Jintachi is a new token which has been developed for the gamers and also for people who would like to trade in a centralized manner with tokens. This new Jintachi token is one which is based on a centralized blockchain which facilitates the ability to trade Jintachi for other types of cryptocurrency, primarily Bitcoin, Monero to start with, before we will then move on to a number of other pairings which will be coming in the very near future.

In 2019 this new Jintachi token is going to launch its very first exchange, as well as offering a poker platform and also a new lottery system for the gamers and the people people to play on. Following the success of the launch of Jintachi, in 2019 there will be some new additional abilities which will arrive to give people the option and the ability to mine Jintachi and give them the opportunity to get in on the action.

Jintachi will then be launching all of the features in 2019 with a unique poker platform which will allow the gamers to play using their Jintachi tokens; a crypto lottery which will of the people the chance to enter our lottery draw with the potential to win even more Jintachi tokens; and market exchange experience where you will be able to get involved with the whole buying and selling process.

You can already get involved with the process of earning your own Jintachi tokens today through some of the related services which are already available and help yourself to get ahead of the curve, with this entirely new cryptocurrency poker software. You will also be able to get your own Jintachi wallet exclusively here starting from 2019.
The Jintachi wallet is completely free
Get your free cryptocurrency wallet today within seconds.
Free Cryptocurrency Wallet
Your free cryptocurrency wallet?
The Jintachi wallet is completely free and enables you to send and receive the jintachi token. The jintachi token can be spent on poker, lottery, arcade games and traded on the exchange for Bitcoin and Monero. By having a wallet you can deposit Bitcoin or Monero into your account and trade it your BTC or XMR for Jintachi tokens.

Your wallet has the ability to send back out your Bitcoin/Monero to any BTC or XMR wallet. Your Jintachi wallet gives you complete freedom to bring in and take out your cryptocurrency with no limits.
How fast is a Jintachi transfer?
The way in which Jintachi has been designed is so that transactions are instant. You can deposit your Jintachi from third party services into your Jintachi wallet, then exchange for Bitcoin or Monero and then send your Bitcoin/Monero to your Bitcoin wallet or Monero wallet respectively.

We have worked to make it as simple as possible for our users to buy and sell jintachi tokens and are working on introducing more Jintachi Cryptocurrency pairings, currently our scheduled release for withdraw and deposit services is 2019.
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Send Cryptocurrency Funds
Send your Jintachi to other users/addresses
It is extremely simple to send your Jintachi funds to other users, simply go into your Jintachi wallet, go to 'Send Tokens', enter the public address of the wallet you wish to send to, enter an amount and hit 'Transfer Tokens' ... And then you are done!

Once your Jintachi tokens have been sent the other party will instantly receive the tokens in their account and they will be ready for use.
Implemented failsafes to prevent lost tokens
Jintachi comes with automatic address detection on every send, this means that a Jintachi address must exist for it to be able to be sent. When you go to send your tokens, iin the event you input the wrong public address, the system will halt the sending of the tokens to prevent them being lost.

In addition we have many additional security features built into our core to prevent tokens being lost or stolen, with the ability to bind your account to a PIN and e-mail address to make security even tighter in the event of a lost private key.
No more lost cryptocurrency funds
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Jintachi Intended for 18+
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